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Mental Health

Our Mental Health SIG is designed for members with an interest or involvement in mental health service provision in health and social care. Membership and activity are growing rapidly.

If you are interested and would like more information please get in touch.

Next Meeting

Friday 25th March 1-2pm

Mental Health Conference

September 2021

Catch-up on the conference:

  1. Where are we with mental health service provision now that we are at the end of the 5 year plan

  2. How should we be transforming community services to better meet mental health demand?

  3. Nursing in CAMHS – what are the challenges

  4. Service peoples‘ mental health provision – gaps, challenges, scale, scope and capacity

  5. From community based exception to mainstream – how to better tackle loneliness & isolation for older people.

  6. Mental health funding – status and need.

  7. Silos and fractures between mental health service delivery systems – how can we better design pathway options for patients?

  8. Demand v capacity & managing waitlists – are we exploring the art of the impossible?

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