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Roy Lilley’s eLetter, across all social media platforms and email now reaches around 300,000 in-boxes a week, throughout the UK and overseas.

It is a free digest of commentary, news and opinion… yes, it’s free!

Roy Lilley

Roy says; 

‘I started the eLetter because I felt it was impossible for people, out there doing the job, to really know what was going on.  

There is a blizzard of guidance, policy, instructions and billet-doux, most of which stays on the screens of people on the ‘top floor’ and very little of it reaches the people on the ‘shop-floor’.  The cascade of information is poor.

Roy Lilley

Unpicking policy and guidance and figuring out what is happening, what is supposed to be happening and what is happening, is an art form!  Even more difficult is deciding what’s going to work and what’s going to get in the way.

My eLetter is a combination of opinion, my take on issues of the day and a news digest of things that I think are important or interesting.

People often ask, how do I decide what’s in and what isn’t… the answer is, if it interests me, I’ll guess it will interest you… so it goes in!’

You can have Roy’s eLetter sent direct to your inbox and no, we don’t send you any advertising or spam.

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Guest editorials

We welcome debate and diversity of opinion. If you have a view or something you want to get off your chest, write us a guest editorial. It’s easy; no more than 700 words in MS Word or Apple Pages, no pictures and include a contact email address… so your fans can contact you direct.

Send your ideas direct to Roy Lilley here
…and by the way, what gets published and what doesn’t is Roy’s choice.

How about joining the IHSCM?

Over the years the IHSCM has had a few fortunes and misfortunes! Now, it’s on the up!

A new advisory panel of former chair of NHSI, Ed Smith, Sam Jones who was running NHSE’s new models of car programme and Peter Homa, recently retired as the Chief Executive of Nottingham University FT and now the chair of the Leadership Academy, it guiding the Institute’s direction of travel and development.

Be in the loop, hang-out with people like you and share ideas… what’s not to like?

Planning for a new, much more relevant educational programme is well under way, free, or discounted tickets to all our events and a weekly up date, delivered to your inbox.

Join in, have a say…

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