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Care Associations

We want care providers to have a voice across the UK. This is why we offer a valuable proposition to enable our care associations to be part of the bigger voice within both Health & Social Care.

Our aim is to provide not only valuable resources to support the development of the individual, but also provide practical business guidance to care providers. With a background in business consultancy, change management & leadership development our director of social care has a wealth of experience you can access.

Partnering with Care Associations allows us to create ‘Care Hubs’ around the country, enabling us to bring learning and development resources to more of our great managers and leaders. We are also able to strengthen the voice of social care in our nationwide consultations and reports that we deliver to decision makers at the highest levels. 


Contact Susan Jones, Director of Social Care, below to enquire about your care association joining. 

OACP has become a care hub for Oxfordshire, because we want to provide the best service and support for our local providers. We know that, by ourselves, we can’t deliver everything, so we look to work in partnership with organisations which can provide that something extra. We believe that IHSCM provides additional opportunities for national networking that will complement our services.

Eddy McDowall

Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers

The Devon Integrated Social Care Alliance is about equality, system change, staff retention and benefits whilst ensuring our local vulnerable citizens receive the best care possible. Being a Care Hub in Devon for the Institute Health and Social Care Management give our Alliance and members additional resources and allows our members to be part of something bigger through their inclusive meetings and webinars. 

John Powell

Devon Integrated Social Care Alliance

West Midlands Care Association became a care hub for IHSCM to support our members with a platform for managers to develop their skills and knowledge around their role, while providing the opportunity to network and learn from others, in similar roles, across the country

Jamie Bloomfield

West Midlands Care Association

We joined for two reasons, the first being to enable more of the IHSCM development info to be included on our comms platform and secondly so that our membership could access free of charge the various courses the IHSCM has to offer.

David Smallacombe

Care and Support West

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