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Welcome to the
Institute of Health and
Social Care Management

…by our members, for our members

Our mission is to support and encourage the development of our individual members. We deliver this through our membership that is compelling, relevant and forward-thinking.

What we do

We provide accredited leadership training, plus outstanding, forward-thinking resources and practical guidance for health and social care leaders & managers, to support them in their role.

How we do it

This can be accessed via our membership. You can join as an individual or access discounted rates either through our regional hubs, care association hubs, or by being part of our corporate partnership.

Why we do it

We are passionate about enabling people to be great leaders. By having great leaders, we know this positively impacts all who access, and work in, health and social care


Membership offer

Why Join?


The Institute of Health & Social Care Management membership is designed “by our members, for our members“.  As a collaborative group we know how important it is for health and social care leaders to have a space where they feel they can have a direct impact on their future.

Additionally, we know that if you have great leaders within health and social care, this will positively impact everyone in it. This is why we have created our accredited High Performance Leadership Training.

To support you further on your career journey we also provide accredited, relevant and forward-thinking resources that are engaging and practical.

Our absolute USP though, is our Special Interest Groups and Social Care Innovators. Be ready to be inspired & enthused by being part of this fantastic community. These groups are passionate about taking health and social care forward, creating real change.


Our High Performance Leadership Training

We are famous for our high performance leadership training!

6 key takeaways for you and your team

1. You will learn about you as leader and how to be your authentic self.
2. Creating trust is essential and you will come away with knowing how to create this.
3. People are different. Being able to adapt your leadership style is key to this.
4. Providing effective feedback both positive and negative in a way that is open, honest and transparent, creates trust.
5. Being able to have critical conversations in a way that is non-judgemental, open and honest, is essential.
6. This is a BIG one…YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!

Already a member? Click here to create and access your Learner Record to track your progress.

Not a member? Find out more about joining us.

Discover how we can support you and your teams to be and to feel at your best.


Events, meetings and networking will be the cornerstone of your membership.   


You will be invited to take part, meet key leaders, talk to opinion formers, innovators and most important share the good things you are doing. All of the programs are presently on-line and can be accessed live, or recordings that can be viewed when it’s convenient for you. 

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Discover how we can support you and your teams to be and feel at your best.

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