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East Midlands Regional Hub

Welcome to our Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Members, home of our East Midlands Hub (EM Hub).

IHSCM regional hubs are designed to provide you with locally accessible, convenient, regular and high quality workshops, programmes, meetings and social events, all geared to the development of you as a manager in health and social care.

The first workshops hubs undertake are the High Performance Leadership Online Workshops.

Here is some feedback from IHSCM West Midland’s Hub Members who recently completed Module 1 of the High Performance Leadership Online Workshops:

“Really enjoyed the topics covered, made me think of my management style and how i could potentially improve my own set of skills, especially when encouraging the best potential from my team.”

 “Think all senior managers should be attending the workshop and putting what they have learned into practice. Then we would have a chance of achieving Outstanding by 2022.”

“I was invited to attend this workshop as part of my learning as am currently partaking in the Band 2-6 Admin Development Programme. I wasn’t sure what or even if I would gain anything from attending this workshop, but I found it very informative and was able to relate to the topics from an admins perspective. Jon’s delivery of the workshop and his stories were great. I look forward to the next one!”

“It was nice to meet new people, very friendly and easy to communicate with.”

“Very well presented and full of humor and an easy approachable style. Nice to see participation was encouraged.”

“Jon is a very interesting and confident presenter, with lots of anecdotes to illustrate his points. One of the best leadership workshops I have ever attended. Looking forward to the next one!”

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