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West Midlands Education Hub

Arden University is home to our West Midlands Education Hub. 
They deliver Distance Learning Programmes where all of your study is done online or face-to-face study in centres across the UK in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and also in Berlin, Germany.
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IHSCM hubs are designed to provide you with locally accessible, convenient, regular and high quality workshops, programmes, meetings and social events, all geared to the development of your career in health and social care.

Arden University is a leading provider of online and blended learning higher education and has a growing reputation for the quality and breadth of its health and social care curriculum through its School of Healthcare Management.

The IHSCM will work with Arden University to enable sector leaders from its member organisations to contribute to curriculum development and delivery, as well as enrolling all of Arden University’s School of Healthcare Management students into the Institute. Arden’s 1000 healthcare management students will enjoy unlimited access to the IHSCM’s diverse range of events, conferences, workshops and networks as well as opportunities for mentoring and coaching.

Membership of the Institute provides unlimited and free access to all of our events, reports, masterclasses and more. 

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