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ICBs & Local Authorities

Being a member of IHSCM as an ICB or local authority means that you become part of the health and social care community across the UK.



At the IHSCM we are keen to ensure the best representation for health and social care, promoting integration and increasing the number of individuals we represent, as well as NHS trusts, Local Authorities, and geographical locations. 


Be part of our amazing forward-thinking community and contact us today. 

Contact Jon Wilks, CEO of the IHSCM, below to enquire about joining

Benefits for ICBs and LA's

✔ Never pay for anything other than the cost of your your annual care hub membership

✔ Free membership to the IHSCM for all employees of your ICB or Local Authority, your trusts and social care providers.

✔ In person training day each year

✔ Support to host and facilitate online meetings and forums

✔ Opportunity to network with other hubs to promote your work and to share ideas and learning

✔ Bespoke courses, workshops, resources created for you by the IHSCM based on the needs of your members

✔ Free access to our High Performance Leadership Framework

✔ Free Access to all of our short courses and workshops

✔ Free access to all our live online workshops and events

✔ A daily newsletter bringing you news from the Health and Social Care Sector

✔ A weekly newsletter round up of events, news, resources and editorial from our CEO

✔ Free access to our special interest groups and social care innovators groups

✔ Free tickets to our conferences

✔ Collaboration in sector wide consultations and reports

We are very excited to be providing for our social care colleagues the Lancashire and South Cumbria Hub as part of the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM). We have recognised in feedback from social care providers the need for leadership development and support from the wider system and therefore Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership have joined up with colleagues in the IHSCM to host membership for all social care managers, deputies and senior leaders to be part of the newly created LSC Hub.

We recognise the value of membership of the IHSCM for our LSC Hub social care leaders to be able to access a wealth of CPD accredited training, workshops, peer support and networking opportunities, in addition to having a collaborative voice and joining in social care initiatives to influence national priorities.

E Williams

Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB

Our ICB and Local Authority Members

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