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Social Care Innovators

Palvi Dodhia, COO, Serene Care.

Role: Co-Chair of Social Care Innovators & Co-Chair of The People Plan Subgroup

A care home Provider who started her career working at Goldman Sachs and worked in a number of investment banks in Operations and Project Management roles.  Along with co-founder Jay Dodhia (CEO) she has helped build Serene Care into an award-winning boutique care home. Her passions lie in not only ensuring Serene Care’s residents get the best quality care that they deserve but is a vocal advocate for social care.  She is also an Ambassador for Championing Social Care, and an Ambassador of Dementia UK. 

Sue Jones, Director for Social Care, IHSCM.

Role: Co-Chair of Social Care Innovators & Co-Chair of the Public Image of Social Care Subgroup


Sue is passionate about creating positive change in social care.  She works closely with industry leaders from around the country to identify shortcomings in the sector and works to create and implement solutions with members of the Social Care Innovators.

Welcome to the Social Care Innovators

The Social Care Innovators is a group for people keen to bring change and innovation to the social care sector. 
We believe that working together with a shared aim we will be able to influence lasting changes to social care. 
We have already achieved some great outcomes with the Green Heart For Social Care Initiative, The Care Library, and our People Plan for Social Care.
The group is chaired by Sue Jones and Palvi Dodhia.
The main group meets bi-monthly but we also have 7 subgroups that focus on their own specific areas that meet monthly. 
Take a look below to explore our subgroups and we welcome you to join us!
For more information, please email Sue:

Explore Our Subgroups

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