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Living with Autism

Autism Awareness

Living with autism involves unique differences in brain functioning and processing that can vary widely from person to person. From difficulties in communication and social interactions to sensory sensitivities, each individual’s experience is distinct.

Our platform aims to provide a space for education to learn from personal stories and offer resources to promote a deeper understanding of autism as it relates to mental and emotional wellbeing. Together, let’s break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster a community that embraces the rich diversity of the autism spectrum. Throughout Autism Awareness Month (April 1 – April 30) and beyond, join us in promoting awareness and acceptance for a more inclusive and accessible world.



Understanding Autism and How People on the Spectrum Experience the World

By Mark Forman Ph.D. and Dustin DiPerna M.A.

In this article, authors Mark Forman and Dustin DiPerna help readers better understand autism, and delve into the range of experiences and challenges that many individuals on the autism spectrum may encounter.

Read the Article Here


Why Late Autism Diagnosis Matters: What I Wish My Family and Friends Knew

Mom on the Spectrum

Late autism diagnoses are becoming more widely shared and often as a result, many loved ones are left with questions. This video was made in response to a community member who asked for something they could share to better articulate the importance of late diagnosis to their family and friends.

Watch the 16-Minute Video Here


Living Mindfulnessy with Autism or ADHD

Oxford Mindfulness Foundation

Those who live with people with autism or ADHD, whether they are partners, parents, or children, may also experience high levels of stress, because they feel or take over their stress. Mindfulness can help here to regulate sensory overload, attention, and intrapersonal and interpersonal stress. Whether you’re a mindfulness practitioner, therapist, educator, or living with (a person with) autism or ADHD, this talk will provide a deeper understanding and practical tools to regulate the stress that comes with autism and ADHD.

Listen to the 56-Minute Podcast Here


Dan & Charlie: 5 Years On, Life on the Autism Spectrum

Nip in the Bud

Nip in the Bud was set up to encourage awareness about mental health disorders and neurodiverse experiences in children. Nip in the Bud strongly believes that intervening early empowers families, teachers, and support staff, and ensures far better outcomes for children, allowing them to bloom.

Watch the 9-Minute Video Here



How Much Social Support is in Your Life?

There are lots of benefits to feeling socially supported. When you have healthy relationships, you feel a stronger sense of purpose and sometimes greater feelings of self-worth—all of which contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. You can find social support in many settings, such as from your family, friends, or from that special someone in your life.

Take our assessment to find out how socially supported you are. You’ll also be able to dig deeper into the level of social support you feel with your “special person” (e.g. a partner, close friend, or counselor), family, and friends.

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