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The Power of Napping

The Power of Napping

Forget the stigma around napping – catching some Zs during the day can be a game-changer. A power nap isn’t just a luxurious indulgence; it’s a practical tool to boost productivity and recharge your mental batteries. Research shows that a brief nap can enhance alertness, improve mood, and increase cognitive performance. So, whether you’re pushing through a hectic workday or looking for an easy way to boost your overall wellbeing, consider embracing the rejuvenating power of a well-timed nap. It’s not laziness; it’s a strategic reset button for your brain.

This week, we’re highlighting resources designed to expose you to the power of napping and help you feel supported on your journey of sleep and rest.



How Napping Can Influence Our Health: A Western and Chinese Medicine Perspective

By Leo Bierman M.S., L.Ac

Traditional Chinese medicine has a great deal to say about sleep, how we should sleep, and what happens when we do or do not sleep properly or in sufficient quantities. Tune into this article to learn how we can understand some of the benefits of napping and how they might depend on context.

Read the Article Here


Is Napping Good For You?

By Sarah McInerney and Sinéad Brady M.A.

Tune into this podcast episode by Drivetime starring Sinéad Brady, career psychologist and author of the book “Total Reset.” In this brief episode, you can learn about additional benefits that napping might have on your health. Check out this episode to see if napping might be good for you and your wellbeing.

Listen to the 8-Minute Podcast Here


Naps with Matthew Walker

By Matthew Walker Ph.D.

In this episode, host Matt Walker addresses napping. Are naps always a good thing? Are we even designed to nap? And if you do nap, when should you do it, and for how long? Matt explores the benefits and pitfalls of napping, how napping may fall in line with our pre-programmed sleep patterns as humans, and what it means if you find yourself waking up from an accidental nap on the couch right before bed. Give this brief episode a listen to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of napping.

Listen to the 11-Minute Podcast Here


What’s the Best Way to Take a Nap?

By Mayo Clinic 

Need to recharge? Learn how to take a nap that’ll leave you energized, not groggy, for the rest of the day.

Watch the 1-Minute Video Here



How’s Your Sleep Quality?

Sleep quality and mental health are closely linked. Certain mental health conditions can make it harder to form good sleeping habits. On the other hand, certain sleep disorders like insomnia can contribute to mental health symptoms.

Take this assessment to find out how your sleep quality has been over this past month. Afterward, check out our recommended resources to help you get a better night’s rest.

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