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Menopause and how to support staff wellbeing in the workplace

IHSCM Members are invited to attend the final NHS Wellbeing Wednesday event on ‘How civility and respect underpins a culture of kindness and compassion’.


Wellbeing Wednesday

The next Wellbeing Wednesday session focuses on ‘Menopause and how to support staff wellbeing in the workplace’, taking place on Wednesday 8th December, from 4pm to 5pm.

This session’s speaker, Jacqui McBurnie, will share data and the importance of supporting staff with menopause in the workplace, and Amanda Jane-Weir will share the menopause initiatives that Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust are progressing. Hayley Cockman will also join the session and share her personal experience of having menopause at 14 years old and her work to help raise awareness on Premature Menopause. #Caring4NHSpeople


For more information and registration details on this event, please see: https://www.events.england.nhs.uk/events/menopause-and-how-to-support-staff-wellbeing-in-the-workplace


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