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Caring for Yourself With Love: A Guided Meditation

We all need to work on loving ourselves. In this guided meditation practice you will explore caring for yourself with warmth, gentleness, and kindness. This simple meditation can be done in just five minutes. Try the meditation practice here. 

Learn How to Meditate in The Beginner’s Guide Animation

Want to learn how to meditate? Are you new to mindfulness meditation, and interested in finding out how to start a practice? This video will walk you through the basics. Watch the video here. 

What’s Your Mental Health Profile

When you hear the word meditation, you may picture someone sitting cross–legged in an enclosed space, maybe even chanting. Did you know that you can meditate while walking, eating, lying down, or even exercising? Whether you are new to meditation or want to add to your ongoing practice, take this assessment to find out what styles of meditation are right for you.


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