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We are delighted to announce the introduction of the ‘Green Heart for Social Care’ which is a joint initiative between The Institute of Health and Social Care Management, the Social Care Innovators Group and The Caring View.

We are jointly encouraging all social media users to add a green heart to their name as a show of support to care and support workers and people experiencing social care.

The initiative started through conversations by the Social Care Innovators Group which is jointly chaired by Jane Brightman (Social Care Manager, Institute of Health and Social Care Management) and Morten Mathiesen (CMO, Sekoia) where members wanted a way to recognise social care across social media.

Jane Brightman said ”We fully support this initiative. We need to stand together, raise the profile and be able to identify our support for colleagues and people experiencing social care.”

Mark Topps, Regional Support Manager who forms part of the Social Care Innovators Group said, ”I loved the idea and really wanted something to promote social care on social media. I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea” Mark quickly set about turning ideas into action.

Mark also co-hosts ”The Caring View” chat show which is a live streamed chat show all about social care on YouTube on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm alongside three other social care leaders, Adam Purnell, Donna Pierpoint and Dawn Bunter. The unscripted show hosts some of the biggest leaders and names within the industry to raise awareness and aims to encourage support and best practice.

Adam Purnell, Quality Lead for Kepplegate care also joins Mark and Jane as a member of the Social Care Innovators Group and said ”Co-hosting The Caring View, working as a leader in the sector, and chairing the public image of social care subgroup for the social care innovators, has opened my eyes to the unfair lack of recognition those working in the sector receive. Our latest public survey conducted alongside the IHSCM showed that 86% of all respondents felt those working in social care did not receive the recognition they deserved. Throughout the pandemic, so much focus has been put  on rewarding those  working in health, for the NHS, but very little attention has been paid to our  green comrades. The #GreenHeartForSocialCare movement will help create a wider public awareness of the vastness of social care as well as the diverse nature of the sector.”

Their fellow Caring View co-host, Donna Pierpoint, Registered Care Manager, when asked about the idea said ”throughout the pandemic we’ve seen blue hearts for the NHS all over the country. We thought it was time to highlight all the good work the social care sector has done this last year. We want to spread the green heart far and wide to show how much every single person is appreciated.”

Dawn Bunter, Registered Manager, makes up the fourth part of The Caring View show and said ”One person could make a difference, although everyone should try. The green heart represents unity in social care and the development, reform and standing it should hold for all. The green heart should create a relationship between equals, the equality of health and social care.”

Vic Rayner from our partners the National Care Forum said “NCF are delighted to support the #GreenHeartForSocialCare initiative. Care and Support workers are social care. They have worked tirelessly, not just during the past year but always, to ensure our family and friends receive the care they deserve. Social Care workers need to have more recognition for as we know care matters to millions of people across the world”.

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