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Mental Wellness at School

Mental Health at School

As Mental Health Awareness Month continues, we focus our attention on prioritizing mental health at school. In the hustle and bustle of academic life, it’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed. From navigating challenging coursework to juggling extracurricular activities, students often face a variety of stressors that can impact their wellbeing. However, with the right strategies and support systems in place, students can not only thrive academically but also maintain a positive mindset and build stronger social connections.

This week we explore practical tips and techniques to empower students to prioritize and nurture their mental wellness. From fostering a positive mindset and managing stress effectively to finding balance amidst academic and personal commitments and building strong social connections, we’ll delve into actionable steps that can make a significant difference in students’ lives.



5 Ways to Nurture Mental Wellbeing in School

By Bennett Crawford M.S.W. and Dustin DiPerna M.A.

Students have to deal with a multitude of challenges—academic, physical, emotional, and social. They have to learn to navigate the complexities of social dynamics as well as their relationship with their own emotional and mental wellbeing.

It’s crucial, now more than ever, that educators support whole-person health. This includes mental and emotional growth. Based on years of working with young adults as a therapist, the authors shed light on five practical ways that educators and parents can help foster mental wellbeing in their students.

Read the Article Here


How to Deal with Bullies (Advice for Adults & Kids)

Cleaning up Your Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf

In this podcast, host Caroline Leaf talks about an incredibly important subject: bullying, and what we can do as parents, educators, and caregivers to help our children.

Listen to the 22-minute Podcast Here


Top Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullying

Ditch the Label

Are you or is someone you know dealing with cyberbullying right now? Whether it is on social media, in a game, or anywhere else, you are not alone. We have some key hints and tips on how to deal with it and how to end it.

Watch the 5-minute Video Here


Personal and Academic Success in High School and Beyond

Mighty Parenting

In this episode Virginia Horan, creator of The Centered Student Planner, joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to take a look at what helps kids achieve personal and academic success through high school and beyond.

Listen to the 42-minute Podcast Here



Getting Started with Therapy

Thinking about starting therapy? Therapy can be highly effective in improving your mental wellbeing and life skills. This series will help you understand the benefits, clarify your goals, research your options, and find the right therapist who aligns with your needs and values.

Each resource is designed to be accessible and easy to follow so that you can begin your journey with confidence.

Start the Series Here


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