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On Our Mind: Happiness


Is Your Mental Health Flourishing?

Flourishing, or feeling good about your life, your purpose, and your relationships, is important to living your fullest potential. Take this assessment to find out if you are flourishing today.

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How to Let More Joy Into Your Life

Poet Ross Gay sees joy all around him. In infinity scarves, orchards, pawpaws, even weeds. in this NPR Life Kit episode he explains the subtle mindset shift that allows him to let in more self-compassion and more joy.

Listen – 15 Minutes


10 Habits Of Happy People

Are you truly happy in your life? Have you ever wondered what it is that makes others so happy? What happy habits happy people cultivate? If joy can be frequent in others, maybe we can develop some healthy habits that make happiness a frequent emotion as well.

Watch – 7 Minutes


The Science of Well Being

In this free online course through Yale University you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.

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How to Train Your Brain for Happiness and Wellbeing

Just like learning to play an instrument, we can train our brains to improve wellbeing by exercising the “mental muscles” associated with self-awareness and positive qualities such as kindness, mindfulness, gratitude, and resilience. Learn about how to practice activating other networks in the brain associated with happiness to promote wellbeing!

Read – 4 Minutes


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