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Four Body-Positive Resolutions for the New Year

Toss away the outdated resolutions of restricting and sculpting and perfecting, and instead embrace the new year with hopes for happiness, joy, and all-around wellbeing! Here are four suggestions for alternative New Year’s resolutions that focus on developing a healthier relationship with your body while promoting a deeper level of happiness and wellbeing.
Read – 4 minutes


Train Your Brain: Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety, Depression, ADD and PTSD

Mindfulness meditation is good for you and, to the surprise of scientists, works quickly! Ten minutes of meditation won’t make you a better mutlitasker, but it will make you more adept at switching tasks and returning to a deep level of concentration more quickly after a distraction.
Watch – 6 minutes


30 Seconds to Mindfulness

Do you have 30 seconds? If you’ve ever thought you are too busy to try mindfulness, learn about how the 3×3 method can help you stress less and feel better.
Watch – 9 minutes 


Reconnect With The Moment

Psychologist and meditation teacher Tara tells how she created RAIN – a mindfulness practice that allows us to Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Nurture our emotions. Once we consciously engage with those emotions we can decide what is really important to us and our happiness.
Listen – 36 minutes


Are you Mindful or Is Your Mind Full?

Are you mindful in your every day actions or do you feel like you are going through life on auto-pilot?
Take the Assessment – 4 minutes


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