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6 Simple Self Care Tips to Become A Better You

Though self-care varies from person to person, certain aspects such as reducing stress, trying to eat better, and getting enough sleep, are vital and are the first steps towards living a healthier life. We’ve all heard of the benefits of self-care. But it can’t be hard to do because we often don’t know where to start.
Watch – 5 minutes


Practices to Overcome Financial Stress and Find Joy During the Holidays

As you journey through the holidays, take a moment or two to pause. Really slow down to a stop, and reflect on your desires. Clearly identify how you want to be and complete the year 2021.
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What Is Emotional Spending?

Emotional spending is when we purchase something in order to make ourselves feel better. We can find ourselves spending money when we feel angry, sad, under-appreciated, or even bored. There can be certain rituals around when we spend and how, but the act of clicking “purchase” or swiping our credit card is a very impulsive and rewarding one.
Watch – 17 Minutes 


6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Money

Taking control of our personal finances can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Thasunda Duckett shares how to minimize shame around money and start having honest conversations about how to save.
Watch – 4 minutes


A Meditation for Money Worries with Sebene Selassie

Stressed about the economy? You’re not alone. Sebene offers tools to help see the abundance we all have in our lives in this guided meditation.
Listen to the podcast- 11 minutes


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